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C4D Quick Tip: Flexible Masking In C4D

Here is a little trick inside of Cinema 4D to easily mask any object using a super simple approach. As I state in the video sometimes you encounter complicated masking situations in your composting package of choice and need the flexibility of full 3D masking, plus the mask tracking happens for free!

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C4D Quick Tip: Custom Depth Map

Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a quick tutorial on how to create your own custom depth maps in Cinema 4D. I think this way of creating depth maps is faster and more intuitive then dealing with the in-camera way of doing it. What I didn’t go over in the tutorial is that if you […]

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C4D Quick Tip: Adaptive Primitive

Hey C4D users, here’s a Quick Tip on how to set up a primitive to be adaptive. Meaning as you adjust the primitive it will adapt its segment accordingly. Check out the video to see exactly what I mean and why this might be useful. Then check out the scene file below to have a […]

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C4D Quick Tip: Reverse Dynamics

Here’s a quick tip on reversing a cached dynamic simulations. It’s pretty simple to do but it’s sort of hidden away in different menus. The downside of this method is that it will reverse ALL of the dynamics cached. You won’t have control over which dynamics its applies to. Step 1 Create Dynamic Simulation and […]

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