Categories: /14 Feb 2013

SmashHere’s one of my day projects this month. This one was to visualize a word, and that random word was “smash”. There’s a lot of fun possibilities with this word. My immediate response was to smash a cube or sphere in 3D, so my next thought was to stay away from that because it was to obvious and simple. Of course it could have been made to look elegant or interesting but I wanted to do something that I wouldn’t normally do. So I decided to focus on a still, then I though of different ways smash could be used. Then it hit me(no pun intended), a comic book style word. It sounded fun and something I could be creative with. I only had a few hours to work with so I didn’t waste any time and got creating. I’m pretty happy with the turnout, it was something I wasn’t used to and I learned a few things in the process. Now go out and make you’re own “Smash”, “Wham”, “Thwap”, orĀ “Boom”!