Contest Win!

Categories: //26 Jan 2013

Well it’s been a chaotic week full of schedule changes and unexpected things but it still had a strong finish. Today was the 3rd Annual Bluff Valley competition in Zumbro Falls which has become one of the biggest contests of the year for the Twin Cities BMX scene. I’ve gone since the start and placed 3rd the first year, second year I made it to finals but didn’t get top 3, this year I squeaked into the finals and then had a solid run that put me into the top spot in the pro class. What’s funny is I hadn’t planned on going to the contest until about 2 hours before it happened. I hadn’t had sufficient practice in the past few weeks, I broke my wheel 2 days prior, and I had started developing a cold the day before. The day of the contest I woke up late, felt less sick, found an old wheel, and decided make my way to the contest. I showed up an hour before riding time and only about 15 minutes of practice before the contest started. Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting much with all things weighing against me in addition to the fact that a lot of these guys practice on a daily basis which my schedule only allows once or twice a week. A good number of the riders I was up against had also come from 8 hours+ away to ride this contest to which is rare for an MN contest. I actually wasn’t even having that great of a time riding to start, as I said I squeaked into finals with some medium-advance tricks. My first of two finals run really only consisted of one big trick(540 whip). I planned my second run pretty big, it’s kind of an all or nothing for me at that point. I needed to land every single trick in order to win and I always start with the hardest one so I have the most energy when doing it. When the run came I landed all 3 of my big box tricks(oppo-360-lookback-to-downwhip, oppo-truck, flip-whip), then made my way across the course for some small stuff in the mini-ramp to catch my breath, and ended my run in the street course with a fakie-walltap-to-bar(sorry to the non-bmxers for the lingo). After the run I had a number of people walk over to me and tell me(in their opinion) that I just won the competition, which was saying a lot because all 5 riders in the finals still had another run before it was over. At that point I was happy regardless of what happened. When it came time to call the first place winner the announcer(Jeff) asked the crowd who won, people were pretty unanimously calling my name which definitely made me light up. The 2nd and 3rd place guys may look a bit younger, but they both compete, and win, against guys twice their age. They’re part of that young fearless crop of riders that are dominating the BMX scene across the country. I mean one of best rider in the world just turned 16! so I feel pretty fortunate to come out on top of this contest. I got the cash and more importantly the trophy! I had won a number of contests in the past but never got a trophy for one, so I was pretty happy to get that. I was also happy that I had come out uninjured…..and then the product toss began. This is where they throw out stickers, shirts, dvds, bike parts and other heavy sharp metal objects in to a giant crowd of people. I was standing in the front and when they started throwing things, all of the sudden I see a thin cased dvd flying at my head and try to grab it, missed, and it hit me in the eye. I touched my eyebrow and then saw blood on my hand! Then I got the heck out of there while I could still call it a great day. Definitely a day I won’t forget. Thanks for stopping!



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