C4D Preset: X-Particle Noise Preset

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Why another noise modifier?

I love the standard noise(turbulence) in X-Particles but its get very chaotic very quickly and I wanted some randomness with a little more predictability which is where this preset came from. It uses noise with a range so your particles will only stray away as far as you want them in any or all dimensions. The reason it works well is because its not a force pushing your particle constantly to oblivion, its just taking the particles original position and saying move it at most X amount away from its original position.

Is there a downside to this method?

As with every alternative, yes. Since the preset is reading the position of all particles on all frames and sending data back it can become slow with a large amount of particles. I still use it anyway. I just test it on a small amount of particles and turn it on before render.

What does it look like?

Screenshot 2015-07-17 14.15.08


-Tested on X-Particles 2.5 and 3.0

Get It Here

X-Particle Noise Preset

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